RSS Feeds


What is RSS? And how does it work?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the easiest way to aggregate and distribute Web content like news from your favourite website/s. RSS/XML feeds can update headlines on your computer software as they change through sections. This is possible because an RSS reader will aggregate content from your favourite preset channels and post the same in XML format on your desktop.


What is a RSS reader and where do I get them?

To begin getting an RSS feed, you will need a feed aggregator, also called an RSS reader installed on your machine( click here for a list of free RSS readers available on the web)


Got the picture. But what’s XML?

'Extensible markup language', or XML as it is popularly known, splits information (be it content or images) using markers like 'headlines', 'introductions', 'footnotes', or just about anything else, making it easier for computers to locate and collate specific information.


It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Install an RSS reader on your machine.
  • Use the 'subscribe' function of your RSS reader to start receiving updates from a particular feed.


What are the terms of use?
  • RSS feed is a free service from Exhibitors India for its users
  • It is strictly meant for non-profit use by indviduals and organisations
  • Please do acknowledge Exhibitors India as source when you use the feed itself
  • Exhibitors India reserves all rights in and to the use of the name Exhibitors India / or the logo
  • Exhibitors India and its associates also reserve the right to demand distribution of these feeds at any point in time for any reason