Control Solution for Ultra Filtration Systems, Field Wiring of Control Systems, Custom Built Automation Solution for Bodyshop, Pune, India.

Welcome To Dhruva Automation & Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Established in December 2002 as a proprietary concern, 'Dhruva Automation & Controls’ changed it’s constitution to “Dhruva Automation & Controls Private Limited” in December 2012.

DHRUVA is committed to providing need based, custom built engineering services in the field of industrial controls and automation and also distribution of quality products required. The company is based in Pune and has a branch office in Kolhapur. Success of an integrated process control depends on the choice of appropriate technology and equipments. DHRUVA promotes tested & proven, economical & quality products to customers to implement their systems with perfection. DHRUVA has comprehensive portfolio of automation products. The company targets to provide industrial automation & control solutions through active cooperation with SIEMENS LTD and Idec Izumi Corporation, Japan The company has built up long term relationship with SIEMENS and Idec Izumi . This relationship is built on their confidence in the technical competency of Dhruva Automation.