Lustre Engineering Corporation An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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The company was established in the year 1951 by (Late) Shri B.L. Patharkar and the actual electrical contracting activities started in the year 1954. For last 60 years, the company is in the field of providing specialized electrical services, starting from the level of 22 KV up to 400 kV.

From 1988 till 1992 the company carried out about 500 Nos Distribution Transformers.

In the year 1993 , Shri G.D Date inspired the company to enter the field of CT / PT. For this M/s. Automatic Electric Ltd authorized the company to carry out repairing of their EHV CTs up to 220 kV. Subsequently this knowledge and experience was used for repairing of 400 KV CTs and till 1998 the company repaired about 1100 CTs ranging from 66 KV to 400 KV. The company takes privilege to state that it has carried out repairing of Baltu, Siemens, BBC, TELK, BHEL, ABB, Crompton Greaves, AEP make CTs. having Metallic Bellow, Rubber Bellow, Marble filled CTs, Silica filled CTs, Aluminum tank CTs, Live Tank and Dead Tank CTs.

Our Products

The current transformers type ADO-13 are based on a ‘U’/Hair pin design, suitable for operations ranging from 132kV to 400kV at 50/60Hz.Read More
The capacitor voltage divider (CVD) of CVT is made of capacitor coils with the mixed dielectric construction thus giving high dielectric strength.
Transformer Bushing Type : LOB 14
  • Hot Line (live Line) Maintenance
  • EHV Sub-Station washing
  • Live Line washing
  • Power Transformer revamping
  • EPC Turnkey Project of sub station upto 400kV
  • PID Insulator Testing
  • Sub-Station Maintenance
  • CT & CVT Photo