Product Specifications

Freshguard product specification are as follows
Freshguard™, Sulphur Dioxide generator sheet or SO2 Pad

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Features & benefits

FRESHGUARD is available as a MULTI STAGE CONTROLLED RELEASE SHEET which releases SO2 gas initially at a fast phase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sulphur dioxide properties?
This is a gas that has properties that allow inhibiting the non enzymatic breakdown.

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FRESHGUARD™ Sulphur Dioxide Generator Pads

Freshguard sulphur dioxide generator pads (SO2 pads) are laminated plastic sulphur dioxide generating sheets specially produced by our patented process for preserving the freshness and preventing the decay on table grapes due to Botrytis cinerea fungus in storage and transit.

Freshguard sulphur dioxide generator pads work on the principle of preservative gas (sulphur dioxide) release by single/ dual method.

Freshguard sulphur dioxide generator sheets are CE certified and approved as safe for food contact and comply with EU directives and regulations.



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