Welcome to Unique Chemoplant Equipments

At Unique Chemoplant Equipments; we have a unique innovative INGINEERING culture that combines our process engineering expertise with passion for solving complex problems. Since 1981

To consistently design and supply a range of complex process equipment that have stood the test of time for over 30 years in a variety of applications and industries, it takes more than mere engineering capabilities. It takes single-minded focus to excel. It takes passion. At Unique Chemoplant Equipments, these qualities help us engineer solutions that go bevond client expectations. And it is this passion to excel that has made us the leading provider of chemical plants and equipment in India and all over the world.

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Our Group Companies

  • Dipesh Engineering Works (Unit 1)
  • Dipesh Engineering Works (Unit 2)
  • Dipesh Engineering Works (Unit 3)
  • Unique Chemoplant Equipments
  • Harsiddha Engineering Works
  • Smruta Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd (Unit 1)

Industry Expertise Versatility at Work

Our products and solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in testing conditions. We built them that way in our ASME U, U2, R & NB Stamp certified shops

Just as no two applications are the same, no two industries are similar either. To be able to design quality products and solutions for a wide range of industries requires more than thorough know-how. It requires versatility. Of people, processes and production capabilities.

take great pride in our versatility and our ability to develop quality designs and equipment for a variety of industries. Our experienced professionals focus on developing equipment that maximize operating efficiencies,