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Vision Power Factx is equipped with state of the art software to study and perform Power System Analysis for clients to build up or expand their electrical systems and helping them achieve improved efficiency, reliability and safety in operation.

We offer Energy & Power Management services like Energy Management Services, Power System Analysis, Infrared Thermography & Motor Health Check. Analytical Services start by considering the present electrical power distribution and the installation. Working closely with the client, to collect the significant data and understanding the proposed expansion, a system design can be presented by processing the data on software and analyzing the results.

Infrastructure & Facilities

R & D stands for Research, Development. Vision Power Factx use this combination of words to cover a very wide range of activities that impact on our business. This can include short term and long term research projects as well as practical and radical areas.
Vision Power Factx carry out a wide variety of R & D activities, across the range of disciplines and sectors that we serve. Some R & D projects are carried out internally, with our front line staff using their experience of project delivery to identify gaps in knowledge or tools that we need.