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Welcome to V P Industries

VP Industries founded in 2009, is today one of the leading manufacturing company of a solid carbide tools & expanding it’s based to all India level.

Our strength is to manufacture special & Combination tools as per customer requirement to save cycle time & improve productivity.To ensure that customers enjoy maximum tool life we utilizes high precision modern 5 Axis CNC grinding machines & raw material from pioneer brand in carbide rods industry.
V P Industries is an ISO 9001: 2008 company having received the scope as “ Design, Manufacture & Re-conditioning of solid carbide tools for engineering & automotive industries.”

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Manufacturing Services

Our mission is to provide measurable cost savings for our customers.

One such example is our proprietary TOOL manufacturing and reconditioning services.

To ensure that customers enjoy maximum tool life from original grinding thru multiple regrinds we utlizes the same high precision modern CNC grinding machines as that used at Original Tool Suppliers.

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Reconditioning Services

Many companies use in-house regrind capabilities or local sources, which at best may provide 50% to 70% of the original drill performance. In addition, a reground tool that is not recoated can also lead to chipped or broken tools in an expensive part or setup due to drilling directly on the unprotected carbide substrate. Further, product output and drilling costs can have a substantial....

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