Chamber urges Punjab to expand e-governance
New Delhi: The Punjab government should undertake e-governance on a wider scale to be able to reduce administrative cost and raise efficiency, besides streamlining the processes of recruitment, budgeting and planning, PHD chamber has said. Under the programme 'Digi-Gov', PHD Chamber said the public sector employees would interact by electronic mail instead of moving paper files and letters, streamlining the internal government administrative processes and systems. The chamber suggested to Punjab chief secretary R I Singh to usher e-governance in the 11th Five -Year Plan. The initiative would reduce the administrative cost, improve ability to meet citizen demand, improve operating efficiencies and staff effectiveness, thereby changing the way government works, it said. It said this would prevent duplication, repetition and make the procedures simple and fast. PHD said procedures such as manual copying, indexing of documents and storage of paper form in illmaintained backrooms would be replaced by electronic documents under the new system. E-governance empowers senior officials to take right decisions at the right time with ease, thereby optimising resources, reaction time and enhancing efficiency, it said.