Our Strength

Belief in the philosophy and adherence to it makes things happen.

From a small work shop to a modestly big work space and bigger working capabilities, the company has made a brisk progress over the last twenty years. Our on sight working strength and the ability to handle the non standard jobs is proven in many ways. Our customer loyalty says it all.

Space, Equipment and material handling capabilities have increased manifold. The workspace houses a gamut of fabrication equipment to name a few, a series of EOT cranes with capacity ranging to 20 MT SWL and mobile hydraulic cranes with handling capacity of up to 12 MT facilitate the in house material handling.

Fabrication work of a structure housing 6.5 lakhs sq.ft. space will give an idea of our capability to handle large scale onsite jobs.

The factory will soon occupy additional bigger space where the setup is already underway.


Machinery Available
Machinery Specification
Radial Drilling M/c. 1..5" Cap.
Radial Drilling M/c. 52 mm.
Pillar Drilling M/c. 20 mm
Magnet Drilling M/c 32mm
Plate Bending Machine 2.5 mt. W x 25 mm. thick
Hydraulics Press
(Max. Pressing Cap. 30 mm thick Dish ends)
(Tie up with Satguru Dishing )
500 M. Ton x 3.5 Mtrs.w.
Welding Generators 400 Amps.
Welding Transformers 500 Amps
Welding Rectifiers 600 Amps
Power hack Saw 12"
Bench Grinders  
Hand Grinders AG 7  
Straight Grinder  
Chain Blocks (10,5,3,2,& 1/2 Tons)
A- frame Lifting Arrangement 20 Tons Crane
E.O.T. Crane 7.5 Tons
Hydra Cranes 8.0 Ton
Cutting sets  
Pug Cutting Machines  
Hydraulic Test Pump Cap:50 Kgs./Sq.Cms.
Argon welding set  
Hand Tools & Equipments  
Heating oven (MOTHER)  
Portable Ovens  
Shot / Grit Blasting Machinery  
Air Compressor for blasting &Painting  
Air less spray M / c  
Blasting Hoppers