Welcome To Duralloy India


We wish to introduce ourselves as pioneers of manufacturing of Wear resistant composite steel plates in India. We had started manufacturing of Wear-plates in the year 1990 and introduced the concept of Wear-plates in the country during our previous employment.

We were established as a partnership firm and are currently operating under the guidance of our mentors, Mr.Deepak Deshmuksh and Mr. Nitin Lonkar. Owing to their excellent vast experience in this domain coupled with excellent management skills, we have gained huge clientele across the globe. We export our products in all over the world.

Our Objective

We have in depth knowledge and experience of about 15 – 20 years in Reclamation & Super-conditioning work as well as the technology being adopted.

Future Prospects

In next 2-3 years Multi-modal International Air Cargo Hub shall start functioning, which is very near to this area. With the Cargo Hub, a new era of economic activity on grand scale is expected to begin which will ensure prosperity of this region.


Duralloy India was setup in year 2001. Land area is 2500 sq.mtr. Covered area is 400 sq.mtr. which can be extended to another 200 sq.mtr. Commercial production commenced in April 2002. It has been promoted by Mr. Deepak Deshmukh & Mr. Nitin Lonkar.