Solar Module

Green Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the perfect solution for electricity generation from sunlight in an efficient and environment friendly manner. Shrinath Engineerings modules are designed to with stand the toughest environmental conditions and manufactured in compliance with the most stringent quality standards. Shrinath Engineerings modules are covered by a 10 year limited warranty on power output.

The solar module contains 36 mono or poly crystalline silicon solar cells connected in series. All cells are electrically matched to assure the maximum power output possible. One solar module can charge a 12 volt battery using a charge controller. System voltages of 24 volt and higher can be obtained by connecting modules in series. Higher currents can be obtained by connecting modules in parallel.

• Highly efficient mono-crystalline or poly crystalline silicon solar cells
• Uses 36 numbers of solar cells
• Designed for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
• Highly resistant to rain, water, abrasion, hail impact, and environmental factors.
• Light weight anodized aluminum frame and pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
• All proven products. Only materials with extensive field experience used
• 10 years product warranty

A high impact resistant and highly transparent tempered glass plate, in front side of the module, offers adequate protection against environmental hazards such as rain, hail, snow, ice and storms. The back of the solar module consists of a Tedlar-Polyster-Tedlar foil, offering reliable protection against penetration of moisture and dirt.
The solar cells are embedded in ultraviolet stabilized ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). The highly corrosion resistant anodized aluminum alloy frame provides structural support for the solar module.

The junction box provides a high quality, dust and watertight housing for the rigid connection block. It is fitted with one cable gland. This cable gland can be used for taking out electrical connection from solar module. The junction box is fitted to aluminum frame for better mechanical strength.

Inside the junction box there is a 3 pole connection block. Two bypass diodes can be incorporated in to the junction box offering an adequate "hot spot" protection of the solar cells. Solar modules of 20W and below are connected with junction box having 2 poles. There is no provision for connecting bypass diodes in these modules.
The solar modules are subjected to intensive quality control both during and after production an are tested extensively.

• 12V (Other Voltages Optional
• Mono/Multicrystalline
• More Energy
• Excellent Value for Money
• IEC 61215 Ed. 2 certified
• ISO 9001 certified
• MNRE approved
* Conditions Apply
Shrinath Engineerings modules use crystalline solar cells. The solar cells are individually characterized and electronically matched prior to the inter connection. Encapsulation beneath imported high transmission tempered glass is accomplished using an advanced, UV resistant thermosetting plastic. The encapsulate, ethylene vinyl acetate, cushions the solar cells within the laminate and protects the cells from etching due to harsh weather conditions. The high strength polymer sheet protects the rear surface from ingress of moisture and mechanical damage. Shrinath Engineerings modules are a versatile solution for stand-alone power systems, home light systems, solar displays, and telecommunication and water pumps. Due to higher system voltages Premier Solar modules are excellently suited for grid connected solar photovoltaic implementations.

Technical Data

Electrical Data

The electrical data apply to standard test conditions (STC):

Irradiance at the module level of 1000 W/m2 with spectrum AM 1.5 and a cell temperature of 25 0C.