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Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter Centrifuges

Presenting precision-made range of Decanter Centrifuges, that is suitable for separating the materials with their solid density larger than their liquid density. These vessels are used in feeding, separating, washing and discharging in sequence. Widely acclaimed in chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy and food industry, these vessels have suspension with solid phase particle size of 0.005- 15mm, consistency of 1-40% and maximum temperature of 100°C.



  • High rotational speed
  • High separating factor
  • Big length-diameter ratio
  • Big capacity
  • Fine separation effect
  • Low vibration
  • Low noises
  • High bearing capacity
  • Precise dynamic balance through dual rotors
  • Reliable


  • Suspension with solid phase particle size of 0.005- 15mm
  • Consistency of 1-40%
  • Maximum temperature of 100°C

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