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Mechatronics Solutions Private Limited

Address 25/5B, Nanded Phata, Sinhagad Road Pune, Maharashtra 411041
ph: 02032538591
fax: 02025235781
alt: 9423578154

About Us

We are the fast growing engineering industry in the feild of material handling systems & equipments.
With our strong fundamentals in conceptual design & manufacturing , we are in position to cater any process automation demand in various industries. We have a wide range of products, which give best solutions to various industries engaged in the manufacturing processes. Our durable and technological designed equipments find places in engineering related industries, which includes:
Our range of products are known for their durability & long service life, some of them includes conveyors, vibrofeeder, vibrating screen & table, pneumatic conveying systems, industrial material handling systems, batching systems, large figure display, industrial control panels, environmental pollution system & others.

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Our Products

Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Vibratory Feeder
Decorative Boxes