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NDS strongly believes that it is only through education that we can eradicate poverty and it allows people to be more productive playing greater roles in economic life and earning a better living. It is increasingly realized that all relevant instruments and software contributing to or responsible for this growth should be integrated in order to ensure all round development.

NDS offers complete educational ERP solutions. This ERP is designed to keep track of human resource management, academics management (students'/parents'/teachers' registration, attendance tracking, time-table scheduling, fee collection and payments, online tests and assignments, report cards, etc), mobile alerts and emails, etc. Our ERP solutions are customizable and can be implemented in the all educational organizations effectively:
Training Institute

Thus we provide an extensive range of education and learning products across the value chain to help serve you better than competition.


Financial services organizations are striving to achieve increasingly ambitious profit and growth targets against a background of heightened risk, regulation and market pressures. Customer needs and expectations are evolving in the face of increasing personal wealth and the desire for ever more accessible and personalized financial modules in various systems. In turn, intense competition has squeezed industry margins and forced organizations to cut costs while still seeking to enhance the quality of client choice and service.

With an increased emphasis on Customer Management, our typical Financial Solutions help companies to realize technology solutions for their business transformation challenges. We provide a range of consulting and IT services for financial services firms. We provide with solutions to the Finance department of any organization through Integrated Financial Applications which assess various statistical information, fund flow, budget expenditures and P & L and various management reports. Our ERP Systems are well equipped to meet requirements of any vertical to meet the complex accounting procedures and finance reporting compliances.


IT based manufacturing requires rapid response to meet personalized customer demands. There needs to be proper co-ordination between the various departments in manufacturing. Similarly in shop floors and supplying assemblers, component manufacturers can access the formers' production plans and shop status to decide on the orders and timing. Information sharing is an important tool in reducing uncertainties in forecasting and in thus providing manufacturers with accurate production orders.

NDS Solutions aim for a total collaboration between the companies within the supply chain. ERP solutions are designed keeping in mind the manufacturing flexibility via advanced technologies for design, production and overall integration of knowledge sharing and implementation of quality control measures. Manufacturing module includes Product manufacturing, contract manufacturing, trading and tracking of the materials and spare parts between the various vendors and companies.

Real Estate

NDS has developed a suite of enterprise real estate products and solutions. They represent NDS vision for the future of technology and its impact on businesses among real estate firms. As early adopters and leading users of technology, property clients are among Futurism's leading clients. As their strategic partners for IT, we constantly enrich and share our vision concerning the role of technology in shaping future business strategies.

Real Estate Management software automates back office, financial and operational tools for real estate property managers. These applications provide rental management software tools for apartments, rental housing, commercial property, mobile home parks, storage facilities and property owner associations and enable users to track tenant information, vacancies and leasing agreements. Real Estate Property Management solutions enable reporting on revenue generation, operational costs, cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.
Real Estate Management
Construction Management
Real Estate Broking for Agent

Research Organization

A governmental research organization is an entity whose primary mission is the performance or promotion of basic research and/or applied research. Efficient and effective software solutions help in assisting organizations to facilitate work-flows and improve the day to day operations. A lot of planning, procurement activities take place on a regular basis which needs to be monitored and kept track of all along with vendors associated and material transactions taking place.

NDS provides ERP solutions customized to each organizations needs through Innovative Internet Technologies and ground-breaking ideas aimed at streamlining the integral processes of businesses and enterprises through the use of Information Technology and thought-leadership. The Integrated Material Management Software (IMMS) is implemented in all 47 Defence Research Organization locations across India.


The need for IT services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services. NDS service offerings in the data and telecom domain range from designing the system as per customer requirements, to providing maintenance and support services for their existing product lines.