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netDOC - Document Management & Workflow systems


A Document Management System (DMS) is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking). The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems. It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.


This is a generalized product that can be configured to meet the specific solution for managing the documents to create paperless environment using workflows. netDOC is a powerful and comprehensive document management and workflow system enabling you to centrally manage your documents and their associated business processes. It is configurable and can be implemented based on the customer requirement as per the structure of the organization. We provide implementation & technical support to the customers through our trained executives in the DMS & Workflow systems. They have in-depth knowledge of interacting with customers, understanding the storage & retrieval process, configuring the workflow for mapping the documents across the organization, training the Administrators and other users. They have knowledge on Systems & Database such as SQL Server, Oracle & Access.


» Electronic Storage
» Reminders
» Powerful & quick retrieval from voluminous data
» Well administrated