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PMS – Payroll Management Systems


Payroll Management System (PMS) is a web-based system. Objective is automating various measures related to the pay bill, pay slip and many other slips as per the grade, category and designation. The system is work with a workflow to route different documents to different role. In any transaction there can be multiple people taking different actions sequentially or parallel. All of them will be routed through the workflow system. Once the action is taken entry details of the actions will be captured in the system. System has a provision to capture corrective action plans against the observation. It is possible to assign the action to be taken by a role.


Payroll Management System (PMS) is a web-based system. Objective is to automate the payroll process and print payslips, letter to Bank for payment of Salary, TDS calculation and other reports related to GPF, loan etc. PMS gives records of loan repayment schedule EMI recovered through salary, and many other schedules like GPF Withdrawal, Form 16, Loan Register and many more. PMS has features to add allowances dynamically as per grade and designation i.e. administrator can add allowances as per the grade and designation with applicable percentage or amount.


» Manage departmentwise data
» Employee designation management
» Recovery management
» Loan management
» Form 16 Entries
» Income Tax Slab & Deposits
» TRO MRO Entry