About Us

Revti Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading companies providing integrated engineering component solutions to it’s customers covering all the activities right from design support, manufacturing to finishing and dispatch.

The company started its operations in the year 1991, with a group of Engineers having proficiency in the areas of Resource Augmentation, Design Support and Processing of engineering components for elevator and other engineering companies.

Today the company with its customer-oriented approach is in the best position to provide qualified product development and manufacturing support in sheet metal components to companies who are industry leaders in their own segments.

  • Elevator Components: Our Company has strategic preferred supplier partnership with top of the line companies. We contribute in design and manufacturing of sheet metal components based on value-engineered measures. Customers can bank on us for post sales service and modernization.
  • Engineering Components: The Company also services engineering components requirements of renowned MNCS. We believe in delivering quality at an affordable life cycle cost.
  • Power Transmission and distribution: Our organization is one of the trusted and reliable firms, engaged in manufacturing and supply of sheet metal products for Power Transmission and Distribution Products. High strength and longer functional life are some of the characteristics of our PTD components because of which these are widely acknowledged and demanded.
  • Rolling Stock: We have been working very closely with customers on the projects of national importance. We have absorbed EN, ISO Engineering Protocols to deliver the best for the country. We have been engaged into manufacturing and supply of rolling stock such as railway rolling stock, traction converter cabin, TCC fabrication etc. for the last 10 years.

Uniqueness of Diversity

  • Founded by group of 5 engineers with cumulative cross-functional experience of 130 years.
  • Mature organization with team of managers and engineers to respond to and/or to initiate the changes faster.
  • Larger radar zone to pick up early warning signals of opportunities and threats.
  • Accumulation and Practising numeration fabrication standards from all across the globe.An ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

To be the company that best understands & satisfies the products and service requirements of the customer in Elevator, Engineering, Power Transmission and rolling stock components.

Mission :

We shall achieve leadership position in Manufacturing and Supply of Elevator and Engineering components and products, by forging strategic alliances and by delivering consistent quality, within established deadlines and at competitive prices through :

  • Clear understanding of customer requirement
  • Accurate internalizing of the requirements

Board of Director

We, at RIPL have converged on this fundamental value of Growth ‘By the Mankind’, ‘for the Mankind’. In this process we applied engineered solutions to derive higher value yields to the end customer – which evidently is the Mankind.

Keeping faith in our defined values, we have grown in business size in 3D. Be it in terms of Customers’ confidence level, Employees’ skill levels, Business associates and financers’ faith, Directors’ vision or Range of Products and Volumes.

It is our association with Vertical and Horizontal Transportation equipment giants that we have enjoyed the experience of Speed & Heights. It’s the HVAC group’s association that we experienced what a good climate means. It is the Power transmission and distribution companies who envisioned us for contribution towards elimination of dark zones world over. The medical equipment OEMs have indirectly transferred our touch and care to the humanity in general.

The board of RIPL is grateful to all known and unknown contributors towards its success. It shall remain committed to a dynamic rationalization of its performance to suit upgraded human needs.