Customization Facilities
Warehouse and Packaging

In order to meet the galloping market demand, we stock ready to deliver consignment of Electro-Mechanical Products in our spacious warehouse. It is our policy to meet emergency supply within the shortest possible notice period. The well integrated inventory management is facilitated with electronic entry, access or retrieval of data and registering movement of consignments into and from the premises. All these measures are aimed at keeping a track and avoid mishandling of any kind in our inventory.

Further, we have a packaging unit attached to the warehouse that takes care of final packaging of our products in moisture proof and safe materials. This protects our products from damage of any kind during warehouse stay or transportation to destinations. Our association with transport companies and wide distribution network also facilitates swift logistics and a smooth delivery.

Infrastructural Facility

The high-end infrastructure we have invested on has leveraged our capabilities in a significant manner. Our manufacturing unit is fitted with most advanced machines and tools. The installed capacity runs mainly upon the quantity of supply orders that we obtain from of our clients. We maintain a broad database of order program, which serves the basis of our production agenda. It offers us with guidelines of units to be manufactured on a scheduled time frame.

Our manufacturing unit is complemented by an advanced quality monitoring unit and a highly functional R&D unit. These units help us maintain our high quality standard and in product development and innovation. All our units are manned by professionals of highest caliber.