We fabricate heavy duty Fuel Gauges with analogue fuel gauges and low and high fuel level signals.
These offer critical solutions to the requirements of Genset industries.
In this category we offer range of Mechanical Fuel Gauges-S-Series,
Fuel Indicators and Fuel Indicators with multiple level signals.

We also offer fuel Indicators with resistive output

WItem Code: MFG-EX

We are manufacturing and supplying a variety of Mechanical Fuel Gauges - 'S' Series
These Indicators are in different form factors depending upon the Customer's requirements.
We are also supplying a Low level or Mid level potential free Signal on the indicators to the majority of the Gen-set Industry.


Item Code: MFI-LRT

We are engaged in offering 'S' Series Fuel Indicator.
This 'S' Series Fuel Indicator is mostly used in indicating the level of fuel in tanks.
These are also available with Low and High fuel level potentional free signals.
S-Series highly reliable vertical gauges.