Shivam Industries

We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals that are used in pharma, paint, thinner, alcohol and other allied industries.

Benzene Chemical for Lubricants

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Mumbai, we offer benzene chemical, iso propyl myristate, di ethylene glycol and sorbitol.

Benzene Chemical

Our prestigious customers can benefit from us a magnificent quality cluster of Benzene Chemical that is as dissolvable in colors producing. Our offered benzene chemicals are tried on different parameters of value so as to supply a faultless extent. These benzene chemicals are handled with premium quality fixings and most recent systems. We are putting forth these benzene chemicals from us in fitting bundling choices.

• High viability
• Long time span of usability
• Exact compound property

Di Ethylene Glycol

We offer fine formulated range of Di Ethylene Glycol (D E G) having a general formula CnH2n(OH)2 or (CH2)n(OH)2. Polyethylene glycols and polypropylene glycols are sometimes referred as polyglycols. The chemical is soluble in water at all molecular weights. Ehylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, is the simplest member of the glycol family. It is colorless, odorless stable liquid with low viscosity, sweet taste and high boiling points. It is prepared commercially by oxidation of ethylene at high temperature in the presence of silver oxide catalyst, followed by hydration of ethylene oxide to yield mono-, with di-, tri- and tetraethylene glycols as co-products.

Diethylene Glycol (D.E.G) exhibits high water solubility and reactivity with many organic compounds.
Technical Specifications:
• CAS number: 111-46-6
• Molecular formula: C4H10O3
• Molar mass: 106.12 g/mol
• Appearance: Colorless liquid
• Density: 1.118 g/ ML
• Melting point:-10.45 °C
• Boiling point: 244-245 °C
• Solubility in water: miscible