Shivam Industries

We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals that are used in pharma, paint, thinner, alcohol and other allied industries.

Organic Solvents

We offer a diverse range o organic solvents that find application in various industries like perfumery, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals and many more. Our products owing to several highlighting features have created a wide market for themselves. Our range of chemicals includes:


We offer a wide range of acetone that is found naturally in plants, trees, volcanic gases, forest fires and as a product of breakdown of body fat. Apart from this it is also present in vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke and landfill sites. This is colorless liquid and has a distinct taste and smell. It is widely used in making plastic, fibers, drugs and other chemicals.

Technical Specifications
• Cas No.: 67-64-1
• Molecular formula : C3H6O
• Molar mass : 58.08 g mol¿1
• Appearance : Colorless liquid
• Density :0.79 g/cm3
• Melting point :¿94.9 °C, 178 K, -139 °F
• Boiling point :56.53 °C, 330 K, 134 °F
• Solubility in water miscible
• Acidity (pKa) : 24.2
• Refractive index (nD) :1.359 (20 °C)
• Viscosity :0.32 cP (20 °C)


Benzene offered finds use as detergent raw material and features excellent constitution quality so as to provide for quality performance. Further, it features linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid of minimum 96% and is available in light brown viscous liquid appearance. Some of its features include purity of 96% minimum; available in durable drum packaging; suitable for use in laundry powders, dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners; provide for high cleaning action.


Light yellow transparent Liquid
Longer shelf life

• Product Name: benzene
• CAS#: 71-43-2
• Synonym: benzol, benzine
• Chemical Name: benzene
• Boiling Point: 80.1 (176.2°F)
• Melting Point: 5.5°C (41.9°F)
• Critical Temperature: 288.9°C (552°F)
• Specific Gravity: 0.8787 g 15 C (Water = 1)
• Vapor Pressure: 10 kPa (@ 20°C)
• Vapor Density: 2.8 (Air = 1)
• Chemical Formula: C6-H6
• Physical state and appearance: liquid
• Odor: Aromatic. Gasoline-like, rather pleasant. (strong.)
• Taste: Not available
• Molecular Weight: 78.11 g/mole
• Color: Clear Colorless. colorless to light yellow
• pH (1% solution/water): not available
• Volatility: Not available.


We supply toluene that is a clear and water-insoluble liquid and has a typical smell of paint thinners. It is a common solvent, and can dissolve in paints, paint thinners, many chemical reactants, rubbers, printing inks, adhesives (glues), lacquers, leather tanners and disinfectants.

Technical Specifications:
• CAS number: 108-88-3
• Molecular formula: C7H8 (C6H5CH3)
• Molar mass: 92.14 g/mol
• Appearance: colorless liquid
• Density: 0.8669 g/ML
• Melting point: 93 °C
• Boiling point: 110.6 °C
• Solubility in water 0.47 g/l (20¿25°C)
• Viscosity: 0.590 CP at 20°C

Formic Acid

• formic acid Purity: 85% 90% 94%
• Packing: 25kg,35kg,250kg/plastic durm 1200kg IBC ISO TANK
• Delivery: within 10 days after deposit

Other Details:
• Mode of production: sodium formate and sulfuric acid
• Popular Name: Methanoic acid
• Formula: HCOOH
• CAS NO.: 64-18-6
• UN No.: 1779
• Dangerous Goods Class: 8
• Classification: Carboxylic acid

Antiform ( Deformer )

Antiform ( Deformer ) we are supplying the excellent quality range of defoamers for Textile application, paints, inks, paper coating & These chemicals are widely used in Textile Industries.