Shivam Industries

We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals that are used in pharma, paint, thinner, alcohol and other allied industries.

Printing Inks & Paints

We offer our clients all the chemicals which is used for making printing inks and paints.These are made by using high graded raw material with the use of highly sophisticated machines. Moreover, these are also tested on various parameters before supplying them to the clients. The features of our range are as follow:
• Good scuff resistance
• Chemical resistance

Isopropyl Alcohol

We offer Isopropyl alcohol that is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. It has the molecular formula C3H8O and is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon is attached to other two carbons.

The chemical is the result of a combination of water and propylene. There are two processes for achieving this:
• Indirect hydration via the sulfuric acid process
• Direct hydration.

The chemical is cheaply available, dries quickly and relatively non toxic. It is also used as a solvent in cleaning liquid. It is also used by many music shops to give second-hand or worn records newer looking sheens. It cleans white boards very well and other unwanted ink related marks.

Isopropyl alcohol also effectively removes:
• Smudges
• Dirt
• Fingerprints from cell phones

It is also effective at removing residual glue from sticky labels.

Isopropyl Alcohol

We offer a wide range of isopropyl alcohol (I.P.A) which is commonly used as a cleaner and as a solvent in different industries. Our range is popular in the market owing to its striking characteristics such as colorless, volatile, and miscible with water and some organic solvents.

• CAS number : 67-63-0
• Molecular formula : C3H7OH
• 22
• Iso Propyl Alcohol
• (I.P.A.)
• Molar mass :60.10 g/mol
• Appearance :Colorless liquid
• Density :(at 20 C) 0.786 g/cm³, liquid
• Melting point :¿89 °C, 184 K, -128 °F
• Boiling point :82.3 °C, 355 K, 180 °F

Ethyl Acetate

We offer ethyl acetate which is colorless liquid and is widely demanded by clients in different industries and can be offered in various packaging.
Before delivering the products, we make sure that these are properly tested for their quality parameters to provide optimum satisfaction to our clients.

• CAS number : 141-78-6
• RTECS number :AH5425000
• Molecular formula: C4H8O2
• Molar mass :88.105 g/mol
• Appearance :colorless liquid
• Density :0.897 g/cm³, liquid
• Melting point: 83.6 °C, 190 K, -118 °F
• Boiling point : 77.1 °C, 350 K, 171 °F
• Solubility in water: 8.3 g/100 mL (20 °C)
• Solubility in ethanol : acetone, diethyl
• ether,
• benzene Miscible : Refractive index (nD)
• 1.3720
• Viscosity : 0.426 cP at 25 °C

Di Octyl Adipate

We are the leading supplier of Di Octyl Adipate.

Dioctyl Adipate offeredis also known by the chemical names of Dioctyl hexanedioate; Octyl adipate; Di-n-octyl adipate; Adimoll DO; Hexanedioic acid and others. It has molecular formula of C22H42O4 and molecular weight of 370.56648 g/mol. Further, its other properties include Hydrogen Bond Donor Count of 0, Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count of 4, Rotatable Bond Count of 21, Exact Mass of 370.30831 g/mol, Monoisotopic Mass of 370.30831 g/mol, Topological Polar Surface Area of 52.6 A^2 and Heavy Atom Count of 26.