Packing Machines

1. Stretch Wrapping Machines

We are offering pallet wrapping and stretch wrapping machines :
Its is a semi-automatic machine able to wrap objects on pallet with stretch film. The machine turns around the product to be wrapped, driven by a contact wheel, and during the rotation, by a reel carrier placed on a telescopic mast, wrap the object for all its height. All this happens in most simplest way. Such is the technology that even a lay-man can operate this machine. We hereby assure you not only reduced man power, but also, independence from skilled labor, increased efficiency & better aesthetic to your packing

2. Pallet Wrapping Machines

We are offering turntable pallet wrapping machine : Main features : Automatic cycle(With photo-cell) Independent setting of working parameters: Top and bottom wrapping numbers. Rotation speed inverter - film stretch(electro-magnetic brake) Roll carriage moved by a 'Loop' chain with automatic recovery of elongation 4 programmable cycles: full cycle (up and down) - single cycle(Only upward) single cycle with top sheet wrapping - full cycle + top sheet wrapping 1800 kgs load capacity Electromagnetic brake.