Test Rigs

Optimizing the advanced technology, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of test rigs for hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, motors, etc. These test rigs are designed for testing pressure, leakage, flow, etc., and provided with provision for cyclic and fatigue tests. Precision engineered, these are made in strict compliance with the relevant industrial standards.

1. Leak Testing Equipment

We offer world class leak testing equipment that are instrumental in checking the escape way for liquids, vacuum or gasses from sealed components or systems such as filters, valves, pipe and fittings, radiators, taps and more. Leak testing equipment also come with other components for better performance. Our leakage testing equipment has found its application in different industries.

2. Endurance Testing Equipment

We cater our clients’ needs by providing them an array of highest grade of endurance testing equipment.

The product range is widely used to measure endurance for various auto components which includes following:

  • Clutches
  • Filters
  • Car Seats
  • Auto Electrical Parts
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Springs

These are known for their accurate readings and ability to perform efficiently even in complex situations.

3. Test Rigs Of Pbl Assembly

This equipment is offer enduorence testing of parking lever. This equipment can test different type of parking lever hand brake. We offer all types of parking brakes assembly line setup and testing equipments according to customer requirements and standard. Our system offer high productivity and considering all quality requirements. We design our system for long term production requirements considering interchangability for new generation of products.

4. GSL And Gear Box Endurance Test Rigs

We offer scientific design and manufacturing of different type of test rigs for wide application of automotive equipment. These equipment recently supplied to TATA Ficosa at Hinjewadi plant, Pune for Nano Cars, GSL and gear box extreme condition testing(Minus 60 degree and plus 120 degree centigrade).

5. GSL Assembly Line Test Rigs

These test rigs offer physical values of gear shifter like angle of displacements, torque, linear values etc. These equipment are totally control by servo motor which offer very accurate values.