Quality Assurance Programme -

♦ Raw Material Control.
♦ Plate and Bars - Identification of certified materials, check testing of uncertified materials.
• Castings Inspection at Suppliers end (ultrasonic test / chemical analysis) Blow holes and crack test by crack detector machining.
• Overall Dimension
  Check by tape/vernier
  Dimensions to be compared with specification to confirm machining allowance.

♦ Procedure, Sequence of operations and assembly - Stage Wise inspection during fabrication. This involves a survey of :

• Geometrical Defects: i.e. Dimensional Checks, defects in forming(dishing, bending etc) to required tolerance,
  check on thinning, survey of distortions, check on weld fit-ups, root graps, weld profiles etc.
• Metallurgical Defects: i.e Embrittlements, weld cracks, non metallic inclusions, survey of pre heat, interpass and post heat treatments to restore
  metallurgical properties preening etc.
• Weld Defects: i.e. Lack of fusion, incomplete/ excess penetration burn through, undercuts, blow holes properties etc.
• Survey of process defects:i.e. control on process parameters namely welding currents,voltages, welding speeds, purity level and flow rates of
  shielding gasket etc.
• Miscellaneous: Check on electrode drying, weld edge cleaning, improper manipulation of electrodes, check on back-chipping, carbon pick up of
  stainless steel etc.

♦ Pressure Tests/ Hydraulic/ Checking of reinforced Pads using T.T.holes and D.P. tests.
♦ Stress relieving, solution annealing etc. check of heating and cooling rates, scrutiny of H.T., cycle charts.
♦ Surface Treatment - Pickling, Surface protection by sand/grit blasting to the required grade and subsequent priming.
♦ Testing, Heat treatmnet reports will be submitted time to time.
♦ Inspection of all components as per drawing assembly and function wise.
♦ Stage assembly inspection and final assembly inspection with ensuring quality.
♦ Proper packing and dispatch to avoid transit damage if required.

Major equipment is manufactured and assembled at our works at Navi Mumbai and here is where the maximum machinery and manpower is concentrated. A works manager and his supporting engineers ensure round the clock production. They also ensure cent percent quality products.

THis has become very essential considering the fact that almost all of our equipment requires third party inspection. We are well accustomed to the inspection procedures of MECON as well as M/S M.N. Dastur & Co.

We are working with the following third party inspection agencies for various projects of our customers like