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Industrial Manhole, Industrial Chimney, Venturi Tubes, Heat Exchanger, Decanter & Chiller, Frame Hood, Plate Rolling Machines, Bed Type Screw Conveyors, Agitator Tank, Mobile Rack, Alcohol Scrubber, Fermentation Tanks.


Chemical Process Equipments

We offer a wide range of process equipment and allied products that are the result of intensive research and have enabled us to come up with a better range of standard and fabricated products. We have a complete knowledge and understanding of the evolving market that assists us in understanding the prevalent trends and requirements. We manufacture precision engineered products as per the specifications of clients and strive to give our best to them. Our products include venturi tubes, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, industrial chimney, distillation columns, reactor, agitator tank assembly, crystallizers, industrial manhole for process vessels etc.

# Heat Exchangers

We bring high precision heat exchangers that are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. These heat exchangers are highly efficient in recovery of heat without an accompanying phase change. Be it fluids, gases, steam or vapors, these heat exchangers are effective in carrying out the heat recovery.

The above products can be made by different material such as special material such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy etc., stainless steel (duplex stainless etc.) common stainless ( 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.) and their cladding steels, carbon steel and other alloys with lead cladding etc.). At the same time, qualified ASME welder, ripe process technology and advanced facility is a basic condition to guarantee the requirement in according with the clients.

These heat exchangers find a very wide application in industries like :

  • Chemical industries like petrochemical processing and petroleum refining.
  • Food industry for pasteurization of milk and canning of processed foods.
  • In nuclear reaction systems.
  • In electrical industries for generation of steam for production of power and electricity.
  • In cryogenics for low temperature separation of gases.
  • In air crafts and space vehicles.

We offer various types of heat exchangers like :

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger that consists of a series of round/ finned tubes, through which one of the fluids runs and the second fluid runs over the round/ finned tubes to be heated or cooled.
  • Plate heat exchanger that is more advanced and more effective than the shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • These are used in HVAC applications and refrigeration, and differ in the types of plates and the configurations of those plates.
  • Regenerative heat exchanger that is used to warm the fluids to be used in the process and the same type of fluid is used either side of the heat exchanger.
  • Dynamic heat exchangers that are commonly used for heating or cooling of high viscosity products, crystallization processes, evaporation and other high fouling applications.

Family of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers :

  • Condensers
  • Reboiler
  • Pre heater
  • After Heater
  • Vent Condenser

Also we are supplying Plate Type Heat exchanger as per customer’s specification on trading basis.

# Distillation Columns

We manufacture highly efficient distillation columns that are designed to achieve highly effective distillation process.

These distillation columns are suitable for a variety of industries and are of two types :

• Batch columns where the feed to the column is provided batch wise and it is only after the completion of the first batch, second batch is introduced.

• Continuous columns where a continuous feed stream is provided to the distillation column and high outputs are achieved.

Further, we provide distillation columns on the basis of the number of product streams that they possess. These include columns that have more than two product streams. These columns are also effective in carrying out the extractive distillation and azeotropic distillation. These possess trays and packs to bring out an enhanced distillation.

# Bubble Cap Trays

We manufacture bubble cap tray with great efficiency. The designing of each type of tray is done by carefully selecting the right type of valve, cap, hole diameter etc. The bubble caps are also flat and perforated but have fixed risers over the holes. The bubble caps so manufactured at our end usually are in high demand among the clients.

Our Bubble cap trays, which consists of bell shaped caps fixed to cylindrical risers through which the vapour passes the tray deck, function effectively over wide turn down range without weeping. We have sieve trays, which are mechanically the simplest of the trays, are uniformly perforated metallic plates with round holes.

Our range of valve trays have perforated tray decks, which are fitted with movable discs or valves to vary the tray open area with changing vapour load. Trays as the vapour-liquid contacting device are less efficient compared to structured packing for mass-transfer operations and are used when the systems do not need quite high number of theoretical stages for separation.

# Cyclone Separators

Cyclone separators are normally used for the collection of coarse dust particles. The dusty air is introduced in the cyclone separator from the top through the inlet pipe which is tangential to the cylindrical portion of the cyclone. Thus the gases move downwards in whirling motion forming a peripheral vertex and giving rise to centrifugal forces, resulting in throwing of dust particles towards the wall of the cyclone and moving downwards into the hopper. The gases after reaching the end of the conical portion changes its direction and moves upwards towards the outlet forming an inner vertex. Due to this upward movement of gases against gravity more dust particles are separated and fall into the conical hopper for subsequent removal.


This equipment is used for control of coarse dust of high concentration. The dust laden gases enter the separator under pressure or suction. The dust particles are separated due to the whirling action and ventex formation and are collected in the hopper. To accommodate more volume of gases and higher efficiency of dust separation, multi clones are also provided.

  • Adequate to coarse dust content gas (100-1,00,000 ft3 / min)
  • Adequate to high dust concentration
  • Trouble free long life
  • High collection efficiency (Coarse Dust)
  • P Low initial cost


  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Cement industries
  • Pulverizing systems
  • Flour mills
  • Bagasses conveying systems
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Coal handling systems

# Vapour Liquid Separators

The product manufactured by us, is widely used to separate the vapour & liquid phases of mixtures which contain hydrocarbon and steam. This way only vapour stream is fed out and processed further. It comprise of a vessel, a hub, two vapour outlets, one located at distant end of hub and the other located below vapour outlet. One of its application is in pre-processing of heavy olefins plant feed (crude or condensates). The vapour liquid separator can operate over a range of temperatures such as 260-482 °C (500-900 °F).