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Printing... Coating... Varnishing
Polyurethanes are also best known for excellent pick-up, transfer of wet films. Solvent Resistance is the prime requirement JEPL adds qualitative consistency of finishing of roller surface. Adsorption is the phenomenon used to score gains at applications otherwise never thought off.

Typical varieties of Polyester Polyurethanes are formulated with reference to the substrate and surrounding conditions. Guideline for selection on the basis of shore hardness.

Applicator Rollers
53 - 57 S.H.
Varnishing Rollers
35 - 45 S.H.
Printing Rollers
20 - 30 S.H.
45 - 55 S.H.
Ink- Proofing Rollers
35 - 40 S.H.
Oil Skimmer Drums
65 - 75 S.H.

Polyester polyurethane can be plasticized to achieve appropriate softness JEPL formulates the composition keeping cut resistance, rebound resilience active. Good compression even with repeated ink pick up without swelling of surface is the key in these formulations.


  • Applicator Rollers
  • Varnishing Rollers
  • Printing and Ink-Proofing Rollers
  • Coaters
  • Oil Skimmers