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Metal Industries - III

Supportive Items
Since metal has cutting ability and often with high loads, the work in process or finished goods require complementary support to retain the features of the formed metal. JEPL on realizing this requirement, beyond pinch, bridal and other types of rollers such parts were developed, respective dies and molds were developed. Polyurethane cushions were utilized to avoid metal to metal contaminations and unwanted impressions on finished surfaces.

Polyester polyurethane becomes oblivious choice for the molded products.

Applicator Rollers
S.H. 80 - 85
Segments and Pads
S.H. 90 - 95
Stripper Rings
S.H. 70 - 80
Coating or Lining
S.H. 85 - 95

JEPL has customized these products otherwise designed in Rubber, PTFE. This innovation has resulted considerable savings and ease of operations.


  • UnCoiler Sleeves Segments and Pads
  • COIL Car Pads, Saddle Blocks
  • Coating of 'J' hooks, Lifting Devices
  • Shear Table Rollers, Pads
  • Scrap Table RollersShear
  • Magnetic Pillar Belt Rollers
  • Stripper Rings