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About Us

Jay Elastomers' established in 1993 as proprietary Company, With objective to offer complete solution with development & accurate formulation to result customized polyurethane cast Products. Cast polyurethane provides wear resistance & resilience & low compression set with high tensile modulus. 1998 Company was made Pvt. Ltd. (JEPL) & in 1999 we moved to our own factory premises having 15000 sq. ft. Plot area with many site advantages. JEPL understands Chemistry to identify groups & compounds, resin and curatives, polyols & isocynates to schuffle & formulate engineering products with specific & desirable mechanical properties.

JEPL has been known for specilised sourcing of materials and use non-conventional resin hardener combinations. JEPL is working to obtain cost effective systems from renewable source of naturally occurring oils, which have large abundance in our country.

JEPL is led by CEO & MD Mr. Jayant Khadilkar an organic chemist, Who works himself for development. He has presented 3 international papers at USA & Korean polyurethane conference on `Chemical and mechanical properties of innovative products developed in our lab’. Our Chairman Mr. Jayant Dodiya is an mechanical engineer and has vast experience in the field of engineering plastics.

Our Mission

We take challenges which are unique, Often we use resins and polyols developed from naturally occurring sources. JEPL is committed to work for the benefit of customers satisfaction.

Our Approach

We visit customer site to understand nature of work We do consult system suppliers for perfect combination We formulate strategy & accept challenges.

Our Strength

  • Our factory is located at technically & industrially developed area.
  • Highly Competent Educated work force.
  • Excellent material availability.
  • Professional market specialists.

Our Goal

JEPL knows the competitive and ever changing field of Elastomers also anticipates the newer technologies with cost effectiveness & to better the performance than before. We develop, execute with perfection. Our employees are being trained to accept newer challenges & we are committed to deliver best.