Sulphurized Neat Tapping Oil

One of our monopoly item, which by its unbelievable and unmatched performance has earned a title of appreciation as “THE MAGIC OIL”. Highly efficiently developed extreme pressure additives used in the oil helps in avoiding welding of chips, seizing of tap and heating of the reamer. The equally effective and efficient surface tension depressants, helps the oil to reach the core of tapping and provide excellent cooling and boundary lubrication by penetrating easily and quickly. The result is an astonishing mirror finish.

Some of the highlights of the tapping oil are:

• Tap and Drill life enhanced manifolds (Appox. 5 times more than any other oil)

• High productivity by lowering downtime.

• Extremely cost effective

• Mirror finish

Tapemol- 56:

It can be used on all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (except copper and brass) and alloys. Its very viscous oil, which can be applied manually by brush on the job or the tap, can be dipped in the oil before tapping.

Tapemol- 5640:

It is oil of moderate viscosity which can be used in CNC, VMC machines, fully dedicated for tapping where continuous stream of neat oil is used.

Tapemol- 100:

Extremely useful for tapping aluminum and cast iron as due to its low viscosity the chip does not coagulate.

Tapemol- 100H:

Specially developed for nut tapping. As it is low viscous oil, it can be used with high-speed machines and can be directly fed to the machines. Extremely well designed and crafted extreme pressure additives give thin film of high strength, which withstands high pressure, and speed of the operation.