Honing Oils

These are high performance oils blended in highly refined, low aromatics and low viscosity base oils. The additives used have good anti-wear, extreme pressure properties.

The surface tension reducing agents helps the oil reaching the point of operation so that the other additives can work at optimum level. The low lubrication high strength thin film helps to improve the honing stick life manifolds. The non-sticking properties prevent chip-to-chip adhesion, which increases the surface finish.

Honikut comes in following different varieties to suit your different needs:

Hornikut- 60:

Sulphurized, chlorine free, honing oil highly effective on aluminum, bronze magnesium, steel and cast iron.

Hornikut- 70 :

Sulphur and chlorine free, environment and operator friendly honing oil. Very effective on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Hornikut- 100 :

This is a sunnen type of sulphurized, high viscosity honing oil which contains high percentage of extreme pressure and flushing agents which enables it to withstand heavy operations and high feed rates with faster stock removal. It can be used on toughened cast iron with molybdenum and nickel very effectively. It can also be used for grinding and sharpening.

Hornikut- 100 NS:

Its new sulphur and chlorine free Extreme pressure additives have proven their superior quality by providing the ease to machine even the toughest material available with minimum wheel dressing, especially for seat grinding operations of engine valves.