General Purpose Oils

Metalfin The straight cutting oils are useful for general machining of tough metals where grinding and welding of the chips or shavings on the cutting edge is to be avoided. Different types of Metalfin helps in selecting the best product for your different critical operations.


This is a general purpose neat cutting oil specially developed to suit different operations. It provides excellent surface finish and enhanced tool life for all gear grinding, hobbing, gun drilling, CNC tapping and drilling operations. It can be used on all ferrous meals and its alloys.


The specially developed chlorine and sulfur free additives provide a good substitute for sulphurized general purpose neat cutting oil. The environment and operator friendly additives make it a better product for modern day machining.


It is best for the heavy duty, more stringent operations like broaching, thread rolling, gear hobbing of all ferrous metals and alloys. The heavy dose of EP additives helps in maneuvering difficult operations of tough metals easily. .


This is a low viscosity oil powered with heavy doses of EP additives and flushing agents which makes it excellent for the use of super finishing, deep hole drilling, gear grinding, seat grinding and trepanning operations. The low viscosity helps in forming a thin film for boundary lubrication. It can be used on all ferrous metals and alloys. .