Electronic Vibration Switch Is Designed As Direct Replacement Of Mechanical Vibration Switches.

These Mechanical Switches being used in yester years have very little merit and served the purpose when the requirement was not stringent. As they rely on large impacts or inertia (both acceleration): they do not respond to gradual increase in vibrations. Nuisance tripping during start-up is an usual problem. Further, sensitivity adjustment is too ambiguous to offer any meaningful translation.

Vibration Data Logger

» Sensor-Piezo Electric Accelerometer
» 0-200 mm / sec True RMS VELOCITY measurement
» 600 - 60,000 RPM Response
» Read key / Data Store key for measurement.
» Accuracy confirming to ISO 2954
» Reading and Acquisition

» Sensor : 200 gms
» Instruments : 300 gm
» Total with carry case : 900 gm
» Size : Carry Case 210 x 180 x 75 mm

VIBRATION DATA LOGGER is handy instrument for monitoring vibration value & storing data so that meaningful information can be derived.

Today's TPM Drive requires regular inspection of critical assembly so that future failure can be pre detected.

VIBRATION DATA LOGGER enables quality / maintenance experts to observe vibration trend and initiate corrective action.

Instrument has Dual Function

Reading Vibration Value : Vibration Value is monitored to identify any abnormality. Bright Display allows user to note vibration value in poor light condition also.

Logging Vibration Value : Storing Vibration value on daily / weekly basis to identify vibration trend.

Logger has facility to store 15 different logs with each log having storing capacity of 250 Readings.

Readings stored with time & date information can be used for plotting vibration graph.

Export facility stores data in excel sheet.

Vibration Data Management:

Software provided with the logger extracts data from the instrument and data information can be plotted in the form of line graph / barchart.

Presentation tool allows interpretation of vibration data in 3D format in which clear trend of vibration can be observed.