High Temperature Composter

Engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying of KWIK COMPOSTERTM KC 200 For 500 Flats (Organic Waste Converter). We provides favorable conditions of food, water, temperature and mixing for composting cultures. Heat generated during their activity is preserved by providing insulation. The increased temperature kills pathogens and also accelerates the composting process. This is a continuous process and is controlled electronically. A blower is provided to supply fresh air to microorganisms. The outlet of the filter may be connected to chimney or sewage line.This is suitable for apartments and buildings. Clients can avail these composters in different specifications to cater to the varied needs.

Organic Waste/Day 200
Suitable for no. of Households 400-500
Machine Dimensions (W*H*L) 1.41*1.80*4.15
Main Vessel M S Lined with FRP
Outside Cover FRP
Electrical Supply 3 PH
Electrical Consumption (KWH/Month) 180
Connected Load (3 PH) 2.5
Shredder Yes
Temperature Display Yes
Operating Cost/Month w/o Labour (Rs.) 1800