Why Kwik Composter?

KWIK COMPOSTERTM is a continuous composting machine. It is Electronically controlled Bio -Mechanical process. It has many advantages over Batch Type Organic Waste Convertors as listed below.

There is no shredder provided in the machine. Hence inclusion of metals, plastics in the feed is allowed. There is no fear of damage to the moving parts due to foreign materials like spoons and forks or plastics.

Parameters KWIK COMPOSTERTM Other Machines
Process type Continuous active composting Batch type passive composting
Machine type Closed from all sides; free of pathogens Raw composting left open risk of pathogens
Curing System In Built in the Machine. The total space required is much lower than batch type machines. Additional Cost & Separate Space Required
Manpower Required Negligible and unskilled Very High (Skilled manpower)
Operating Cost Almost 50% of Batch Type Convertors High
Repeat Cycle Waste once deposited needs no further handling Needs to be handled again on 3rd & 7th day
Heat preservation Enclosure preserves heat Loss of heat
Odour filter Available as additional accessories No
Electronically controlled Monitors and controls the composting process No
Space requirements All processes happen in the same unit Separate area for curing is required
Pathogens High Temperature Inside Kills Pathogens Water Spray prevents temperature rise
Ambience Pleasant. Food waste once deposited appears as sweet smelling compost on rear end of the machine. Nauseating. Slight mishandling makes place dirty and unbearable.