Welcome to Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

We introduce ourselves as a company engaged in manufacturing Organic Composting Machines "KWIK COMPOSTERâ„¢. These machines offer a greener and a cleaner alternative to the problem of organic waste disposal.

"KWIK COMPOSTERâ„¢ is a fully automatic Bio-Mechanical Composter and a continuous organic waste converter. It converts the organic waste added to the machine into nitrogen rich compost by reducing its volume to almost 90% of the original.

The process of composting with Kwik Composter is very simple:

  • Deposit organic waste at inlet of the machine.
  • Mixing, curing is automatically done by the machine
  • Compost keeps collecting in a bag at the rear of the machine.
  • Remove the compost bag when it is full and attach another bag.

"KWIK COMPOSTERâ„¢ is a simple and affordable solution for large scale waste management and can be used in areas like Residential complexes, Industrial canteens, Restaurants, Schools, Temples.