Ultra Composter

Earth Care Equipments Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Kwik Composter KC 600 For 1500 Flats. Kwik composter provides favorable conditions of food, water, temperature and mixing for composting cultures. Heat generated during their activity is preserved by providing insulation. The increased temperature kills pathogens and also accelerates the composting process. This is a continuous process and is controlled electronically. A blower is provided to supply fresh air to microorganisms. The exhaust is led to Activated Carbon filter. The outlet of the filter may be connected to chimney or sewage line. Following are the Specifications:

Curing Capacity Per Day 600
Households upto 1500
Main Vessel MS lined with FRP
Connected Load 5.5
Electrical Consumption (Rs) 1217
Cost Per Month for Bioculum (Rs) 1980
Machine Width 2190
Machine Height 2290
Machine Length 6025