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--------- Welcome to Sarbi Petroleum & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. ---------

The company was formed in 1976 for manufacturing Aluminum Rolling Oil and Diesel Injector Test Fluid. Subsequently, it has taken up manufacture of various Petroleum Specialties and Lubricant Additives.

Some of the products for which the company has carved its niche in the industry are : Aluminum Rolling Oil, Sulphurised Fatty Oils & Esters, Lead Naphthenates for Lubricants, as well as soluble and Neat Cutting oils for which the company formulates and blends its own emulsifiers and additives.

SARBI a 32 year old group offers complete solution for your lubrication needs.

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Industrial Gear Oils

DELTA LS based on sulphur-lead based EP additives. DELTA LS GEAR OILS contain stabilised lead and sulphur based additives which have good thermal and oxidation as well as anticorrosion properties..

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Industrial Hydraulic Oils

SARBI offer a wide range of TERIC INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC OILS meeting various performance needs like R & O inhibited, Antiwear regular and Antiwear high V.I. high performance formulations.

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A versatile extreme pressure additive Sulphurised Karanja oil contains about 9.5% sulphur, sulphurised under controlled conditions to give a product of good compatibility, viscosity, colour & low copper corrosion characteristics.

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