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Decision Hub

Relevant - Self-learning models produce relevant, suggested actions that allow for adaptive, real-time decisioning. Personalize every action across all channels to maximize the value of each decision.

Consistent - Harness a single, intelligent decision authority that unifies decision management consistently and coherently across all channels.

Timely - Act with accuracy and speed without compromising your sophisticated decision-making process.

Pega Decision Strategy Manager

Key Challenge - Enterprises need to deliver actions that improve customer engagement and lead to better loyalty. But when decisioning systems require technical resources and involve long delays, improvement is hard to come by. Businesses need a quick way to create timely and relevant actions that can be integrated into every customer-facing process.
The Solution - Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM) is a new way to implement decision strategies. Unlike other tools that require IT expertise, DSM provides a business-friendly interface that makes defining even the most complex strategies simple. With Pega DSM, complex decisions are defined with dynamic rules and models, and strategies are run automatically to deliver the Next- Best-Action that align with customer’s expectations.