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Sales & Onboarding

Increase Revenue with Intelligent Guided Selling

Rules, analytics, and alerts intelligently guide sellers to identify, qualify, progress, and close opportunities.

Streamline the sales process
Guide reps through various stages in the sales cycle using Case Lifecycle Management for opportunities. This approach to sales process management allow you to model different sales methodologies for business and individual deals. Quickly adapt and change sales methodologies based on market conditions and automate key activities throughout the sales process.

Focus on rep effectiveness
Increase revenue by managing and executing an optimized sales process that transforms every rep into your best rep.
Guided selling captures and uses marketing, sales, and customer service information to increase rep consistency, productivity, and the lifetime value of your customers.

Leverage the power of unified CRM
Powered by a blend of predictive analytics, automated decisions, rules, triggers, and alerts, all customer and prospect activities can systematically drive the next best action, opportunity, or offer on any device or channel.
Guided selling generates more consistent sales efforts, improves sales productivity, and mitigates loss and risk in your pipeline.