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Pega 7 for Operations

Efficiency - Pega has helped businesses achieve up to 75% increase in productivity by automating work processes, guiding manual procedures, and providing visibility into all aspects of their operations

Compliance - Comply with rules and regulations including keeping to prescribed procedures, timeframes, auditability, automated documentation, and reporting

Agility - Build operations and business process management applications 6.4x faster than with Java, and change them 8x faster.

Dynamic Case Management For Dummies

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) is all about getting more and more work done. Across organizational and system silos, DCM makes it easier and faster to reach optimal outcomes for your customers and your business. It brings together people and technology to automate routine work and to improve the reliability and efficiency of the ad hoc work needed to respond to unexpected events. From departmental initiatives to enterprise transformation, DCM is the backbone of the digital enterprise.
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